First post.

Some days I have the thrill  of starting a new software project.  I get to figure out the best technology, design the databases, start coding  the xaml, you know all the fun stuff. Other days I am required to solve a problem fast and program some crap in order to satisfy a need. You know the development triangle.  Related imageBut inevitably I have to go back and try to clean up the fast and cheap of the original code. Today is such a day.  I  needed to clean up and document a program written in C#, in order to solve a business problem.  It would take to much effort to explain the problem or task, and my program does solve the problem.  But the code lacks efficiency, breaks most of the rules of object orient programming and is just plain ugly.   The code works fine and task is accomplished, but as some who aspires to be as Cory House puts it an “Outlier”. I really must fix it.


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