Training The Old Dog

img_0005As I get older I find it is more difficult to retain information.   I think that’s a standard effect of aging.  But something that I also have noticed is that I have a increased capacity to reason out the solution to a problem.  I have been doing plurasight training  and have notice that I can answer the practice test questions many times without knowing the material.  What I am really doing is reasoning out the logic of the question.   This kind of defeats the purpose of a practice test.  But on the other hand it does help when I am face with a difficult problem.  In my younger days I would have approached problem by using the “shot gun approach”. You know old try everything you can think of until you find one that works. I find this in  my older code. Sometimes I find  a method that seems to have no real reason to exist.  I assume that I must have been chasing a rabbit, that went no where useful. I am generally very careful in deleting these, in that I am often smarter than I think I am and these snippets have a purpose that are not obvious.


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