The love of maps.

As a little boy I really enjoyed maps.  I would take long walks through the woodtatics2 surrounding  my house and later would draw out what I saw as a notebook ruled paper map.  I always enjoyed creatively naming the logs ditches and streams.  Dead mans run for a stream or run and jump off log or what ever I could dream up.  In my early teens my cousin and I started playing the strategic war games,  that where being produced by Avalon Hill.   What could be better than play a game that combined two of my favorite things maps and war.  Later I would play simple computer versions of those games on my  Commodore 64.  And of course typing those games from magazines taught me the basics of programming.  When I got to the University many years later I found that Geography majors got to draw maps using computers. Granted the computers where Apple II e’s and the program used a basic spread sheet format.  I became a Geographic Information Systems person.  Then things began to change,  technology made it possible for anybody to create maps using GPS and simple point and click computer programs.   I retreated back into my programming world.   In .Net Framework 3.0 Microsoft gave us a wonderful gift called the Windows Presentation Foundation. Using this and the Bing Map API I can now create maps to display my data.  All though its usually over kill for my purposes it gives me a chance to combine two of my loves.  I am not an expert but because I believe the best way to learn is to teach, (Cory House again). I’m going to describe how one goes about writing a mapping application for the desktop using WPF, C# and the Bing map API. In my next post. Please be kind.


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