Losing a friend.


Usually I write about writing code, but today I’m going to stray from that path.  Today I found out that someone I considered a friend past away tragically from a head on collision.  In my life many such losses have occurred.  Not all have been sudden but many unexpected.  The older you live the more you come to realize that life is fleeting.  I am deeply aware that the past is gone, the future is not certain and present is all we have.   No time to waste with silly regrets or worry about the future, live in the now.

First let me tell you about my friend.  He was one of the kindest people I had ever meet, helping people in need out the love he felt from his Christian belief.  Many people talk about their Christian walk, but my friend Trent wasn’t a talker he was a doer.   It wasn’t unusual find out someone who he had ran across that was in need, was living with him and his wife while they got back on their feet.   He went on mission trips to build churches, put roofs on house, and worked incredible amounts without a once ego coming through. When our local pregnancy support center needed dry wall, he was there.  When there was work to be done at the Church, he was there.   As a talented handyman/carpenter/plumber Trent was always in demand, you see God had given him a lot talent.  With a loving heart, Trent took that Talent and made a real change in our world, showing Christ’s love through his hands.  So many people in our community have been touched by his actions that I cannot even attempt to explain what we have lost.

Tragedy is hard to understand.  But as I have learned it is just part of life.  We all can’t be Trent Smith, but we can try to be the best and kindest version of our selves possible.




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